8 Common Airbnb Mistakes Hosts Make

Turning your vacation home (or home) into a vacation rental is simpler than ever with sites like Airbnb facilitating much of the hassle for you. This simplicity naturally breeds a bit of competition, which can make it tough to keep guests coming. The folks at Vacation Rental Technology specialize in providing dynamic tools for vacation rental owners and want to help avid Airbnb users get it right. Here are eight common mistakes to avoid that will help you get the most out of your vacation rental.

Being Unprepared

Imagine booking a great vacation rental and arriving after a long day of traveling only to be locked out. Don’t let this happen to your guests by making sure that you’re prepared for their arrival. Double check that everything they need is in place well before it’s time for them to check in. Have a backup plan or contact just in case you’re out of town when something unpredictable happens.

Being Out of Reach

In case you fall short on number one on the list, staying in touch and available can smooth over any wrinkles that may occur. Keep your phone on or your email at-the-ready just in case something happens. If you can’t make yourself available, have someone on standby like a neighbor, family member, or property manager. If something goes awry in your vacation rental, you’ll want to hear about it first.

Being Rude or Dismissive

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to note that a little kindness goes a long way. Be open to answering questions that guests might have, even if you feel it’s a bit over-the-top. To some, just being present for silly inquiries makes a world of difference. Also, be sure to have a pleasant tone, as guests want to feel welcomed. A poor tone could also discourage guests from contacting you for things like plumbing issues. Customer service always matters.

Keeping Secrets

Whether done on purpose or not, keeping important secrets from guests is a quick way to get a bad rating. Does your toilet have a few quirks? Is there a little-known restaurant nearby with amazing food? Let your guests know, even if it’s after they’ve booked the rental.  Being open makes your guests feel like insiders, which increases their comfort level and the likelihood that they’ll rent from you again.

Being Cold

The cool part about vacation rentals through services like Airbnb is that they have a personal touch to them. Guests are getting a chance to live in someone’s home, even if only for the night. Many opt for this experience over a traditional hotel, not only for the price, but also for the comfort. Capitalize on being as warm and inviting as possible.

Not Providing Perks

Make your guest’s nightly stay more exciting by going the extra mile. If you have board games in the house already, why not encourage guests to play them? Try complimentary food in the kitchen – or food at an additional cost. Anything that is going to make your home stand out above a traditional rental will leave a lasting impression on guests.

Not Having a Guestbook

Here’s something many hosts are overlooking! Feeling welcome and comfortable is of the utmost importance and a guest book is a great way to keep things friendly and keep track of things at the same time. It’s also an opportunity for guests to make their mark on the borrowed space without doing any damage. Get creative and ask guests to draw pictures or a leave Polaroid; the possibilities are seemingly endless.

Leaving a Mess

Nothing screams being unprepared like ushering guests into a messy living space. Wash your dishes, clean your bathroom and tidy up before your guests arrive. Have you ever entered a dirty hotel room? It’s not a nice feeling. Presentation is everything, especially when guests enter a space for the first time. Clean, accessible linens, pristine dishes and the like will not only increase comfort but will also encourage guests to take good care of your home.

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