Vacation Rental Profit Playbook


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Downlaod Chapter 9 of Myths, Management & Mastert of Vacation Rentals

Get started with vacation rentals with the Vacation Rental Profit Playbook. The Profit Playbook is packed full of real-life examples and experiences that will give you a winning edge with your vacation rental property. The Profit Playbook provides step by step examples, guides, and information taught by experienced real estate investors and vacation rental experts.

The Profit Playbook covers the topics you need to know to be successful with vacation and nightly rental properties

Preparing Your Mind For Success

  • Discover the power of deserving passive income
  • Find out who your friends are
  • Position yourself one step above the rest

Passive Income Strategies

  • Understand compound Interest
  • Feel the freedom of Passive Income
  • Think the way top real estate investors think about money

What is & Why Vacation Rentals

  • Know the enjoyment of Vacation Rentals
  • Know why the trend is rising all over the world

Six Ways To Own

  • Decide for yourself your cash flow strategy
  • Find the 2nd home of your dreams
  • Get others to pay for it

How To Operate The Property

  • Own with confidence and competence
  • Help others make memories in their lives
  • Win families back year after year

Checklists, Docs, & Addendums

  • Save thousands of dollars using a proven system
  • Save time

Helpful Definitions & MORE…

  • Know the “lingo” of your new business
  • See there is so much more to love and learn

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full_package_06Bonus #1 – Document Flash Drive featuring

  • contracts
  • checklists
  • customizable forms




4-part-audioBonus #2 – Profit Backed Audio Series featuring

  1. Introduction
  2. Learn The Plays
  3. Operating The Business
  4. Top Tips to Boost Returns





in-person-trainingBonus #3 – In-person training and education




free-shipping-icon-60820Bonus #4 – Free Shipping

  • Free shipping straight to your door!